ProduktentwicklungProduct development

Product development

CREARTEC is able to develop and to produce any product configuration in the chemical range (organic or inorganic) for colours, glues, varnishes, stains, modelling masses and clays, ceramic casting powders, polyester- epoxy- and polyurethane resins, latex, silicones and moulds made thereof as well as wax articles and casting soaps.

Special products – private labels

We offer a wide range of packaging made of cardboard, plastics, glass and tinplate. This assortment is completed by the suitable closures in many different sizes and colours. Generally, we deliver all articles with our Artidee-label. Beyond that, you have the choice to receive them neutral or with your private label always considering the actual legislation (danger symbols, security advices, logistic features) for the identification. The necessary documents (safety data sheets, using instructions and technical data) are at your disposal.

If we produce articles especially for you with private packaging or labels, we have to take a minimum order quantity as a basis that depends on the consistency and on the packaging of the product. That will be clarified in an individual offer as well as the detailed questions regarding private labels.