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The internationally leading trade fair for the hobby, arts and crafts supplies industry attracted 9201 visitors representing 102 countries and 369 exhibitors representing 40 countries in January 2020 to Frankfurt. By many market players seen as an innovation generator in this industry, CREARTEC had been able to again present a multitude of attractive new products this year. Especially this year’s focus on small „convenience“-sets could convince many customers, but also the portfolio supplements under the SAPOLINA brand in the DIY cosmetics line received a lot of attention. With many new contacts and good meetings, especially with international partners and prospects, Creativeworld 2020 has been a raving success for CREARTEC.

Doing a good business with rust

The company CREARTEC in Lindenberg has convinced on a specialized fair in Frankfurt with a completely new product and won an innovation-price for a second one.

As many as two different articles by CREARTEC trend design gmbh amazed the experts and visitors at the trade fair “Creative World” in Frankfurt: A complete package to create “Glowing Wax Balls” that was presented in the previous year won the innovative price “Creative Impulse 2014” leaving 37 competitors behind. Beyond that, the CREARTEC company developed a technique to apply rust on any imaginable surface and created a real eye-catcher with this material. The manager Klaus-Peter Lührs is expecting a six-figure sum as sales volume only with this product line…

(by courtesy of “Allgäuer Zeitung)

1. Price

Complete set of the year “Glowing Wax Balls”
Creativity is realizing ideas
We want to thank all our business partners, customers and providers for helping us in developing product ideas. First thing to mention is the confidence that you show us by telling us is your requests regarding our products. Of course, this is connected with the expectation that we initiate design and development. That depends on the decision whether the idea fits to our gerneral program for we finally want to produce and distribute the articles we have generated.

The next step is analysing this idea to find out what raw materials are necessary. For economic reasons, we always try to use those basics we already have in our warehouse and not to expand the stock of raw materials too much. After that, we start engineering, testing and proving and try to find applications for the new article to make it as multifunctional as possible before we go into the technical development itself aiming at a finished product. This is the key to a successful partnership with you.

For us, creativity does not mean to go on the Chinese market and look for things that could be available on the domestic market in a better quality and with better service. Even if this means to pay a higher price. The new item that grew out of our common idea simply has to be better, more effective and more efficient - that´s what we have to take care of.
In this regard, we also have to think of the costs that appear by this process. Every new article causes expenses at a volume 8-10% of our annual turnover. That is contradictory to the desire of some potential buyers to beat down the prices of our products to a level we can´t realize at all. Being a trendsetter means for us to be in funds for research and development that is necessary to supply the market constantly with novelties and inventive articles. One more reason to set high value on the quality seal "Made in Germay".